Never Gonna Be Alone Animated Music Video | Jacob Collier | 2022
An official music video for Jacob Collier's single "Never Gonna be Alone", carefully handcrafted by Shan Ogilvie and Ewa Smyk. During the production, I was assigned to work as a 2D animator and a visual asset designer.
Euro UEFA 2020 Ian Wright TV Ad | ITV | 2021​​​​​​​
One of the first TV commercials that I had the pleasure to work on, this time for ITV for the upcoming UEFA 2020. The producers gave me the full control of character animation, aka the three animals emerging from Ian Wright's phone.  I was also given the opportunity to collaborate with Kervin Brisseaux, who guided me in recreating his roaring and stunning visual style.
(The video is unavailable due to region restriction. Switch to the UK region using VPN) 
ADHD: Busting the Stigma Short  Film | Sen Talk CIC | 2021
A short educational film funded by Sen Talk that raises awareness on the stigma resolving around Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also known as ADHD. From the prespective of four children, we get to see a true day to day life of people in such conditions.
Drilly Rucksack Music video | Ocean Wisdom| 2020
This was the very first project that I was participating for Grizzle London. A music video commissioned by Ocean Wisdom, directed and organised by Grizzle London and Eye Studio. During the production, 2D animation, putting down rough keyframes, inbetweening, clean-up and colouring. As well as working in the post-production department, i.e. VFX, Editing and Compositing.
Project organized by a company IMAGIS and the University of Vilnius, in which I have been assigned to work as an animator (2D frame-by-frame, puppet animation hybrid) and to compose 6 short educational films.​​​​​​​