to be a goat
grad film​​​​​​​
Three-generation conflict but with more horns. Or how the daughter learns to stop copying her father's goat-like attitude and begins to think for herself.
Festival list: 
Award winner for Best Animated Film at Rome Prisma Independant Awards 2nd Edition, 3rd Year (2020) July
Nominated For Best Animation  (student) Award for the Royal Television Society Southern Awards
Manchester Animation Festival (2020) Official Selection
Animateka International Animation Festival (2020) Official Selection
Tricky Women/Tricky Realities (2021) Official Selection for the Up & Coming competition
Animatricks (2021) Official Selection for the International Competition Series
Dancing Spider Film Festival  (2020)
Canlandiranlar Film Festival (2020) Finalist
Lift-Off Global Network Sessions July (2020) Official Selection
Moscow Shorts July (2020) Official Selection