Protagonistas 5th edition magazine cover
DUCTIS Exemplo 2020
A fun cover illustration for an independant magazine written by Ductus Exemplo agency. Was given full-independance on the subject of the cover, thus allowed myself to experiment something unusual and more complex than my usual illustrations. One of the goals when creating the covar was to give the illustration a narrative and a feel of movement- best way to achieve that is by creating compelling an action.
In the end, ive resulted in creating a royal, posh and lyrical aardvark, singing carelessly on top of a crowd of massive eels, in shape of a chaotic ocean. Bushes appearing from corners as the wind picking up the leaves and blowing through the musician into the sunset. 
As the cover was finished, the publishers were kind to also include a small introductory about me and my work onto the front page of the magazine.