"The Tree Had Enough" Social Educational Short Film
Life Osmoderma Life. 2021
A short educational film about a tree that has had enough living in the Big City. The project was funded by Life Osmoderma and other companies, in which was given the duties as an cut-out animator, film compositor and editor.
ADHD: Busting the Stigma. Short Charity Film
Sen Talk CIC. 2021
A short educational film funded by Sen Talk that raises awareness on the stigma resolving around Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also known as ADHD. From the prespective of four children, we get to see a true day to day life of people in such conditions.
Nekopijuok naTu ir leisk joms gyventi graZU gyvenimA. Short Animation film
A short animation film that educated the viewer the negative consequences of copyright infringement of note scores in music schools and other professional institutions.. Directed and produced by Emilemilija animation studio, was assigned to work as a, inbetweener and clean-up artist.
"Love is not control" Short Charity Film 
Diversity Development Group. 2021
A short film collaboration with Antanas Skucas and Ieva Miskinyte about abuse that is seen the young generation relationships. Organized by the Diversity Development Group,  was assigned to work as a storyboard artist, as well as an cut-out animator and film compositor and editor.
"Ovarian Cancer | Signs and Symptoms" charity film
CATS Campaign. 2019
As part of the 2nd year course at University for the Creative Arts, had to create an awareness charity film for CATS Charity. Was given the position as an Art Director,  thus landing the responsabilities in visualisation of the story (Animatic, animator, film editor).