Life- Lesser White Fronted Goose: Social Educational Short Film | LOD | 2022
A short educational film about the endangered Lesser White fronted Geese from Fenoscandinavian Peninsula and their troublesome journey when migrating through Europe. The project was funded by LOD and its partners, during which was given the duties as a co-director and cut-out 2D animator.
The Tree Had Enough: Social Educational Short Film Life | Osmoderma Life | 2021
A short educational film about a tree who has had enough of the life the city and its people. The project was funded by Life Osmoderma and its partners, during which was given to work as a co-director and 2D cut-out puppet animator.
Love is not control: Short Educational Film | Diversity Development Group | 2021
A short film collaboration with Antanas Skucas and Ieva Miskinyte about abuse that is seen the young generation relationships. Organized by the Diversity Development Group,  was assigned to work as a storyboard artist, as well as an cut-out animator and film compositor and editor.